Frequently Asked Questions
The duration of garage door repairs varies based on the scope of the damage. Garage door repair work is typically swift, and we can often attend same day services and repair work.
Garage doors have moving parts. It is essential to receive appropriate servicing for your door to continue to function efficiently and effectively.
Sectional Doors are designed in such a way that damaged parts or panels can be repaired or replaced, While Roller Doors have less options. However, there are times when replacing the door is more cost-effective or realistic. The easiest way to assess this, is to consult with an expert technician.
Our specialists will perform a thorough inspection of your garage door, including the cushioning of moving parts, orientation of the door on its tracks, the electronics, programming and synchronization of Automated Systems, barrels, weather sealants, wires, springs, and torsion bars. After a thorough assessment, decisions can be made on repair and/or replacements to ensure your door is at peak performance.
Garage door servicing necessitates the use of skillfully experienced technicians to complete the job safely and effectively. We suggest you do your research, talk to one of our experts and then decide.
It is possible that the door will need to be repaired and its joints need to be fixed. We strongly advise that you hire a qualified technician for this job, as the door springs are extremely tensile and can be highly dangerous.
At Southern Garage Doors, we believe that installing a garage door is not a DIY kind of job. The installation process is extremely technical and potentially dangerous; additionally, inaccurate installation may nullify specific warranties. We highly suggest that you hire a professional.
At Southern Garage Doors our prices are all inclusive, so when you get your quote, the price will include the removal and disposal of your old door.
We provide comprehensive garage door repair and installation services. Our team can respond swiftly to evaluate your requirements and provide you with a variety of options to suit your needs.
If your door is disruptive or hard and cannot be left open without additional help. In case your door has a fully automated operator, you can test it by putting it in the manual position.
Pull the handle or lever to place the opener in manual mode. Because the door will no longer open automatically, you will just have to do it by yourself. Sectional and roller doors can be operated manually until the power is restored, and when power is restored the door will return to normal automated function.
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